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Best deals from Best Buy’s Labor Day 2021 sale


We may receive a commission from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change. This 1080p projector is just one of the notable deals from Best Buy’s Labor Day sale. (Photo: Vankyo)

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Who’s ready for a three-day weekend? (Me, me, me!) We could all use some grillin’ and chillin’ right about now. And maybe some shopping? If you’re so inclined, Best Buy has a significant Labor Day sale, with discounts on everything from appliances to laptops to videogames. It’s running until Monday, but note that some more popular items may sell out before then.

I tend to be a little skeptical about this sort of thing, partly because Best Buy holds sales regularly, even when there’s no holiday. Some legitimately good discounts are available, like an Apple Watch trying its lowest price. Below I’ve rounded up my top picks, but you can see the complete list of sale items here. The lovely, highly versatile Apple Watch Series 6 is down to just $249 in the Product (RED) style. (Photo: Apple)

Labor Day

While there’s a perfect chance Apple will announce a new watch later this month, there’s everything to like about the existing flagship model, the Series 6. Especially given that the Product (RED) version is currently on sale for $249, which is $150 off the regular price and a tie for the lowest price ever.

As it happens, I own this model not an easy thing for a self-described cheapskate to admit. While some very good smartwatches cost half as much (or less), I’ve yet to find anything that works as well with my iPhone.

To wit: I can receive text messages and reply to them. I can download music and podcasts for offline listening while out for a run. I can even talk into my wrist, Dick Tracy-style, instead of reaching for my phone. This will likely sell out quickly; here’s hoping you can score one at this price.

$249 $399 at Best Buy

As budget TVs go, it’s hard to beat Hisense’s A6G Series 60-inch model when priced at just $400. (Photo: Hisense) Let me be frank: Big TVs are better TVs. Because when I want to escape into, say, a Marvel movie or the comfort-viewing that is Seinfeld, I like the largest possible window into that world.

That’s a rather fancy way of telling you this Hisense TV is on sale for an excellent price. The 60-inch A6G Series offers HDR-enhanced viewing goodness and built-in voice controls. Anyone familiar with Google’s ecosystem will feel right at home here, as Google Assistant handles the voice commands, and a particular version of Android runs the TV’s operating system.

I haven’t tested this model, but it earned a 4.5-star average rating from nearly 300 Best Buy customers. The chances are excellent. You’ll enjoy a happy ending with this big TV — especially if you watch Happy Endings on Netflix or Hulu. That show is seriously underrated.

$400 $550 at Best Buy

“Wait, how does the sound get into my ear-holes? Through my CHEEKBONES?! I mean, OK, if you… hey, it works!” (Photo: Aftershokz) What’s my favorite audio accessory for running? If you were expecting me to say AirPods, think again: It’s earphones by Aftershokz. They’re on the pricey side and not often on sale, but here’s a solid deal: Best Buy has the Aftershokz Air for $100. It previously sold for $120, but for a long time prior, it was $150.

Aftershokz makes open-ear, bone-conduction earphones. That means the tiny speakers rest just in front of your ears, not on them or in them. Audio signals reverberate through your cheekbones, which is weird and unique. As a result, you can hear oncoming traffic and other potential safety hazards.

But it works! And the sound quality is not as good as you’d get from traditional earbuds, but good enough for podcasts and playlists while running. I’m a huge fan, and I’m not the only one: Check out the 4.5-star average rating from over 1,200 buyers.

$100 $120 at Best Buy

Turn any wall into a home theater with Vankyo’s affordable 1080p projector. (Photo: Vankyo) This is a great place to start if you want a home theater experience without spending a small fortune. The Leisure E30TB is a native-1080p projector, meaning your movies will look reasonably sharp, even at larger sizes. (Steer clear of models that say they merely “support” 1080p; that’s code for “low resolution.”)

How large? Vanko supplies a 120-inch folding projection screen, one you can easily hang on a wall, garage door, or wherever. But here’s the caveat: You’ll need a pretty dark room. Vanko doesn’t mention the projector’s brightness capabilities anywhere I can find, but I know from evaluating similar models that it probably offers around 200 ANSI lumens. As long as the lights are low, though, you should enjoy a good viewing experience.

And because the E30TB supports Wi-Fi, you can stream content from your phone or tablet. For the best experience, however, I recommend plugging in a streaming stick. And, wouldn’t you know, Best Buy has the Roku Streaming Stick+ for $40 right now, a $10 savings.

$190 $210 at Best Buy

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