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Clever Ways to Manage a Leaky Bladder


Urinary incontinence is a condition also known as an overly active bladder that affects millions of men and women. Incontinence can result from giving birth, urinary tract infection, diabetes, or other diseases. Aside from physical discomfort, this condition can also impact the patients’ mental and emotional health. In most cases, patients are too shy, embarrassed, or awkward to discuss their struggles and seek medical advice and treatment.

If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, do not hesitate to consult your doctors to receive the right medicine and treatment. Remember that leading a comfortable life with incontinence is possible, so don’t lose hope. Here are some tips for managing a leaky bladder:

Mind your fluid and food intake

Aside from your treatment and medication, you can also modify your diet. Doctors may advise avoiding eating and drinking bladder irritants such as soda, alcohol, spicy food, energy drink, and citrus fruits. Also, include bladder-friendly food in your diet, like bananas, potatoes, whole grains, and brown rice. Always check your water intake, and ensure that you drink at least eight glasses to keep yourself hydrated. However, you must limit your fluid intake before bedtime if you don’t want to be disturbed in your sleep.

Condition your mind

Having urinary incontinence can affect your self-esteem and confidence. So, you must find ways to be healthier and make yourself feel good. You can start by quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol intake, which can help you improve your condition. Then, try meditation, yoga, and simple exercises to be more attuned with your body. These simple exercises can help you control your bladder, like the Kegel or pelvic floor muscle exercise, designed to strengthen the muscles that control your urinary bladder. You can also learn distraction techniques to fight the sudden urge to urinate in unconventional situations.

Leaky Bladder

Search the market

Several products in the market are designed for your comfort and convenience. You can ask for advice and recommendations from health care providers and other patients with incontinence about their preferred brands and products that work best. You can always order online if you are too shy to go to a store and buy these products. Products like incontinence pads, diapers, and underwear will make your experience more manageable.

Find the support you need

Opening up to your family and friends about your troubles and difficulties can be challenging at first. It is normal to feel vulnerable in front of them. However, it will be beneficial if you can find an outlet for your fears and anxiety. It can be a journal, a group of strangers, an online community, or a professional psychologist. Stick to the choice that makes you feel safe and comfortable, and the important thing is that you receive the support you need for your mental health.


Living with urinary incontinence can affect your overall well-being. May these clever and simple tips help you in your journey.


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