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The Most Beautiful Woman in the World Award


My adoration for women is relatively innocent if I am allowed to judge myself. I will be more than happy to outline the criteria that define my judgment because it’s not righteous to be one’s judge. But I think I will let my results speak for themselves.

For most exotic beauty, the most beautiful woman in the world goes to Jennifer Connelly. I cannot get her hair out of my head from the movie Blood Diamond. Of course, she’s in the bushes in West Africa following the story of conflict diamonds and doesn’t have time to schedule an appointment with a hairdresser.

Jennifer Connelly steals away with the most beautiful woman in the world for the most exotic beauty. But when someone can be that gorgeous, even under those circumstances, that drives me wild. Forget that I’ve been in love with her since I first saw her in Labyrinth, and I’ve followed her career throughout some of my favorite movies, including House of Sand and Fog, Dark Water, and He’s Not That Into You.


The most beautiful woman in the world, for being an unexpected hottie, goes to Jenna Fischer. I started watching The Office when it first came out in 2005, and I noticed the cute receptionist behind the desk. I loved the way she flirted with Jim and dealt with Michael. I was rooting for Jim, and now he is finally with her, with a child and the whole nine yards.

But then, I saw her on the cover of Shape in November 2009. It seriously was one of those Wow moments. Who in the world is that? The hottest petite hottie to grace the cover of Shape, and I had no idea that the excellent, cute receptionist from The Office was that gorgeous. Jenna Fischer takes by a landslide the most beautiful woman in the world for being an unexpected hottie.

For absolute adorability, the most beautiful woman in the world goes to Jennifer Aniston. Bursting onto the scene in Friends, she caught everyone’s attention with her rich-girl innocence and fantastic beauty. The Rachel hairdo became a national hit. Millions of girls tuned in every week to see what she wore.

Jennifer Aniston sweeps the votes for the most beautiful woman in the world for absolute adorability. Even though she couldn’t miss no matter what she wore, she had some of the most famous outfits, including the green dress in TOW No One’s Ready, the yellow dress in TOW All The Kissing, and the black dress in TOW Monica’s Thunder. Rachel Green owned that show, and Jennifer Aniston starred in favorites like Office Space, Along Came Polly, and The Break-Up.

For pure loveliness, another unexpected beauty comes from The Office in the form of Angela Martin. The most beautiful woman in the world goes to Angela Kinsey. She plays the straight-laced accountant who can’t stand inappropriate behavior, excessive indulgence, or frivolous activities. However, she has an affair with Dwight and Andy while showing us that she, too, is human and not above temptation. But then, I saw Angela Kinsey sporting a turquoise blouse with black shorts, high heels, and straight blonde hair.

That’s when I realized how perfectly gorgeous she was. That was just the first of many enjoyable other-than-the-Office sightings, including the red bikini top and cut-off shorts on a day at the beach with her daughter, the blue dress at the premiere of “Meskada” after-party, and a slew of red carpet outfits that knock me dead every time I see her. Angel Kinsey blasts the competition away for the most beautiful woman in the world for pure loveliness.

For a stunning angel, the most beautiful woman in the world goes to Emily Procter. Of course, I first noticed her as Calleigh Duquesne in CSI: Miami, a handsome detective who was nice to everyone but stern at times when the situation called for it. The first episode I watched was when a new officer was being introduced to the force, and one of his first duties was as an observer of everything Calleigh was doing.

Emily Procter triumphs as the most beautiful woman in the world for a stunning angel. She explained a few things to get him up to speed and welcomed him to the Miami-Dade Police Department. Her eyes stayed fixed for what seemed like an eternity, and she flashed that smile that would haunt me for years.

For sheer elegance, the most beautiful woman in the world goes to Sasha Alexander. In her first memorable performance, she hit the scene as Gretchen, Pacey’s older sister, in the wildly conflicted, overly dramatic, idealistic world of Dawson’s Creek. She and Dawson share a romance burdened with too much thinking and not enough spontaneity, even though occasionally, you see sparks of an actual relationship somewhere.

Sasha Alexander gallops away with the most beautiful woman in the world for sheer elegance. She immediately became one of the actresses who holds the status, “If she is in it, I will watch it.” Hence, my attention turned to NCIS when I saw her pure gorgeousness grace the show as the significant sister type to the team. I was heartbroken when Ari murdered her. But, Rizzoli & Isles have become the balm that soothes all ails.

For unmatched brilliance, the most beautiful woman in the world goes to Beth Riesgraf. Repelling into my life as Parker in Leverage, she is a bit naïve about specific facts of life even though she is remarkably skilled in cracking safes, scaling buildings, and gaining entrance, legally or illegally. A stern look comes across her face when she thinks about something as profound as possible, but her smile is mesmerizing.

You melt when you see her fifty gorgeous expressions. Where has she been all my life? She pulls off beautifully the rock and roll blonde, the straight hair formal, and the yellow runway dress with designer pocketbooks to match. Beth Riesgraf lifts the most beautiful woman in the world for unmatched brilliance.

The most beautiful woman in the world for stealing the show goes to Natalie Portman. Of course, she had been in Anywhere But Here and Beautiful Girls, along with many other massive hits. But, I didn’t sit up and notice her until a pregnant girl with no shoes was abandoned at America’s department store in Where the Heart Is.

Adopted by a crazy couple, she grew from a childish teenager into a professional lady who finally learned to trust her heart again. Since then, I have been unable to take my eyes off her. She rocks the innocent look in Sesame Street while dominating sexy in such works as Black Swan and No Strings Attached. Natalie Portman is hands down the most beautiful woman in the world for stealing the show.

The most beautiful woman in the world, for total whiplash head turner, goes to Katherine Heigl. She’s down-to-earth playful, seriously red carpet hot, and even pulls off the bad hair day with beauty most runway models would die to embody. When you see her smile from the side in that infamous “sucker” scene in The Ugly Truth, your heart passionately screams, “I want to be in that guy’s shoes.”

Katherine Heigl rules the most beautiful woman in the world for a total whiplash head-turner. I think I love her most when she’s facing her mortality in Grey’s Anatomy “Good Mourning” or facing someone else’s in “Dream a Little Dream.” In those deadly profound moments, you find her true beauty glowing from within.

The most beautiful woman in the world, for dripping hot sexy, goes to Charlize Theron. Look at how she rocked Mighty Joe Young, Reindeer Games, The Italian Job, and Hancock. When she caught my attention in The Devil’s Advocate, I thought that someone would have to be daft to drift away from her into a meaningless marriage. But that was written into the script. L

Charlize Theron demands the most beautiful woman in the world for dripping hot and sexy. She even made a serial killer seem likable in Monster. But to understand the jaw-dropping, massive coronary, stand-there-with-nothing-to-say pure sexiness Charlize exudes, all you have to do is witness her raw amour as she walks down the hallway, leaving layers of clothing behind in the famous Dior J’Adore commercial.

For pure enchantment, the most beautiful woman in the world goes to Christi Paul. The CNN’s Headline News anchor as well as for In Session on truTV. She is the ultimate girl next door with the prom queen beauty. But, some Miss America aspirations could have come true, as witnessed by her climb from Miss Mansfield to Miss Greater Cleveland as she worked her way up to running for Miss Ohio in 1993. WDTV was smart to hire her, as broadcast journalism seems to be in her blood. And now you know where I get my news spoon-fed daily. Christi Paul wears the crown of the most beautiful woman in the world for pure enchantment.

Robin Meade certainly shares the title of pure enchantment along with Christi Paul. But, I step out of protocol and share a title between these two gorgeous anchors from CNN because their lives are so similar. With her adorable laugh and the new style she has brought to the news, I stay on top of what’s happening today, and it’s easy to figure out why. Robin’s song Welcome Home is a touching tribute to the troops fighting overseas, which means a lot to a veteran like me.

Robin Meade was born in Ohio in 1969. However, she became Miss Ohio in 1992 and was among the top ten finalists in the 1993 Miss America Beauty Pageant. They both are married with children and living in Georgia. So, I tap Robin Meade to share the most beautiful woman in the world for pure enchantment with Christi Paul. It’s the most beautiful woman in the world, for crying out loud! I’m sure they don’t have a problem sharing it.

The most beautiful woman in the world, for knocking my socks off entirely, goes to Scarlett Johansson. With only one exception, the mysterious skip in 2000, Scarlett has, at the very least, brought us something new every year since her inception in 1994 with North. Among my favorites are Lost in Translation, The Perfect Score, and In Good Company, to name a few.

Scarlett Johansson epitomizes the most beautiful woman in the world for knocking my socks off entirely. But when she plays the parts in movies such as He’s Just Not That Into You, you see her extraordinary sensuousness. Her wonderful laugh, the elegant look over her shoulder, and even her ability to be innocent while entrenched in raw passion made me repeatedly fall in love with her.

For endearing fascination, the most beautiful woman in the world goes to Julie Bowen. Catching my attention on Ed, I immediately hung on her every scene. I cursed the director and the other actors who were stealing our precious time away from me. But then, she became the love interest in Happy Gilmore, and Adam Sandler’s daydreams are nothing short of ingenious.

Julie Bowen exhibits the utter greatness of the most beautiful woman in the world for endearing fascination. She is the reason I became a fan of Boston Legal, just like she’s the reason I watch Modern Family now. Her soft brown eyes can flash intense every once in a while. But, her smile! It’s the kind of smile that radiates and is very contagious.

The most beautiful woman in the world for being drop-dead gorgeous goes Diane Lane. An all-time favorite of mine, I have enjoyed her in such greats as Chaplin, A Walk on the Moon, and Under the Tuscan Sun. She cannot be touched! Since 1979, she has touched my heart, and I wasn’t even aware of how deeply then. But I caught on when she exploded on the screen in Streets of Fire. That was the making of history.

But she brings it home in works like Jack, Judge Dred, and The Perfect Storm, where she’s not the lead but steals each scene. She’s class and elegance and everything you can say about a princess. A genuine model of all that is beautiful in the world, Diane Lane easily exemplifies the most beautiful woman for being drop-dead gorgeous.

For everlasting magnificence, the most beautiful woman in the world goes to Ashley Judd. So powerful in her back story, she left her mother and sister while they were still on the road performing. She went off to do her own thing, and what a gift she has given us! She’s in a long line of favorites to cherish, such as Double Jeopardy, High Crimes, and Where the Heart Is.

She could quickly become a cult classic with roles like Eye of the Beholder, Twisted, and Bug. She has the allure to bring fans from the outskirts into the mainstream because she can be pleasantly charming even when her character suffers from alcoholism, is mentally disturbed, or is grossly psychotic.

Her beauty requires no makeup as she rocks the red carpet in dresses and skirts that she makes look good while trumping the beauty of all the celebrities who flock to take pictures with her. Ashley Judd is the world’s most beautiful woman for everlasting magnificence.

For redeeming grace, the most beautiful woman in the world goes to Dana Delany. A routine Dana photo shoot can produce such great shots as the purple blouse with sexy hair in her eyes, the blue dress from Desperate Housewives, and the black shirt staring into the camera from Kidnapped. She is truly unique in how effortlessly she makes it all look.

I won’t mention her age, which is the most distinctive feature of her beauty. My heart skipped a beat when she leaned against the tree in Tombstone. I’ve watched every ounce I could find of her since, catching old reruns of China Beach, Wild Palms, and Sweet Surrender.

Check out Multiple Touches of Sarcasm, A Beautiful Life, and Route 30. But now, I can get my weekly Dana dosage in Body of Proof. I can’t imagine this world without her! Dana Delany deserves the most beautiful woman in the world for redeeming grace.

As you can see, these ladies are not ranked from one to three as the most beautiful woman in the world. They are simply the most beautiful woman in the world. They cannot be put in any order at all. Furthermore, narrowing my choices down to just these three was tough. But I did it! I finally narrowed my choices to only those I consider the most beautiful woman in the world.

This panel acknowledges that a wonderful woman in the world is missing from this year’s choices. There are quite a few, including but not limited to farmer’s daughters, nuns, librarians, teachers, ex-girlfriends, sisters, and my daughter. They are not included for legal reasons concerning my being on the panel; its only panel member, and avoiding bias allegations. It was only due to a sheer mental meltdown after making my selection that the rest of the most beautiful women in the world were not included.

A Danger to Society [http://adangertosociety.com], Michael Allen is a contributing writer and editor for several publishing companies. His works, however, have developed to the big screen with two soon-to-be-released movies Wooji and Between the Bullets. Look forward to the release of two new books this year, Ashlie Wrote and Guilty Until Proven Innocent. But for now, you can learn more about A Danger to Society [http://adangertosociety.com/book], the story of an extraordinary man who becomes the victim of a case of mistaken identity.


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