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The online gambling market in Australia: features and prospects


world’s biggest gaming country. Australia’s residents spend up to $1300 per person on gambling yearly, the highest rate globally. It’s also worth noting that Australia has the world’s largest density of slot machines.

Australians’ gambling interests are diverse, with lovers of online sports betting, poker, casinos, and slot machines forming a disparate group. There are already over a dozen casinos in the state. Tradition, habit, and legal factors have contributed to disparities in the popularity of various gambling options.

know if that’s a lot or a little? Compare it to other markets. For example, according to the WorldAtlas website, players from other tier-1 GEOs spend much less money: a player from Canada spends $568, a player from Finland spends $553, and a player from Norway spends only $448. The Scandinavian countries, on the other hand, have a smaller population than Australia. Unsophisticated math: the average Australian player will bring you more money than a Finnish player, and there are more such players overall.

Sounds sweet? Now the bad news: online casinos are illegal in Australia. All of them. No exceptions. Any online casino in Australia operates in the black. Even if the site’s footer proudly glows Curacao, MGA, or any other license. It doesn’t matter if it’s a licensed or scripted slot, has a reputation, or is a fly-by-night site with no name. In any case, it is a black market.

Australia’s regulatory system is complex; you can learn more about it on the official website. It is possible to bet legally at licensed bookmakers.


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major Australian banks, lends credibility.

popular in American casinos than it is in European casinos. Bitcoin is the most often used currency. The key issues for operators and players are extreme volatility and cash-out issues.

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