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Top MLM Companies That You Can Join Today!


Everything around us comes from great distances; whether it’s the food we eat or the clothes we wear, each item comes to us through a chain of shops from various sellers. This chain of shops and the people involved make up Our System of Markets, without which we couldn’t get our daily necessities.

Just as we require different things for different activities, the markets have been divided into groups to serve those other products to the consumers. One such company is multi-level marketing, direct sales, and network marketing. This article will teach us about Multi-Level Marketing Companies, their systems, and where they stand in Markets.

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-level Marketing, or MLM, is a strategic marketing approach where people sell products and services. Still, the MLM company’s revenue is usually derived from an unpaid team of workers who sell its products and services. In contrast, most profit and income are derived from a pyramid or binary compensation commission system, also popularly known as pyramid-selling. It is quite a controversial marketing strategy used in MLM companies and may be condemned illegally. The MLM companies have been said to be in existence since the 1920s.

In an MLM Company, the participants gain profits through two access to revenue streams. The first is being paid for the commission of the participant’s sales directly to their customers. The second is from commissions based on the wholesale purchases made by the participant’s lower recruiter members.

In this hierarchical organization system, the lower-tier participants are called down-line distributors. As mentioned earlier, an MLM Salesperson has to go through the selling procedure directly with the end-user retail consumer. This usually occurs through relationship referrals or word-of-mouth marketing. A critical aspect of the organization is attracting and trying to recruit more people into the line of marketing they follow.

But the central concept behind this whole organization is knowing the difference between an MLM company and a Pyramid Scheme. If you want to join an MLM Company, you must learn something about it. A critical difference between these two is that an MLM business will sell actual products and gain profits through that income, excluding the earnings from the recruitment process, which often includes a newcomer’s fee. This is where you pay attention, try to spot red flags, and ensure the company is legitimate.

What are the Best MLM companies?

Although a lot of uncertainty is assorted with MLM companies, it is no wonder that every person has been a part of it at some time. If you are still considering joining one, here are some of the best MLM companies you can consider joining.

The following are the best Network Marketing Legacy Companies –

  1. Amway
  2. Herbalife
  3. Avon Products Inc.
  4. Vorwerk
  5. Natura
  6. Conway
  7. Nu Skin
  8. Tupperware
  9. Oriflame
  10. Ambit Energy
  11. Pola
  12. Belcorp
  13. PM-International
  14. Jeunesse
  15. Telecom Plus
  16. USANA
  17. Hanbal
  18. Medifast/OPTAVIA
  19. Arbonne
  20. Team National
  21. Miki Corp.
  22. Scentsy
  23. Plexus Worldwide
  24. MONAT Global
  25. Fabric


The following are the Best MLM companies in 2021 according to their revenues –

  1. Amway – $8.8 Billion
  2. Avon – $5.7 Billion
  3. Herbalife – $4.5 Billion
  4. Vorwerk – $4.2 Billion
  5. Mary Kay – $3.5 Billion
  6. Infinitus – $3.41 Billion
  7. Perfect – $3.06 Billion
  8. Quanjian – $2.89 Billion
  9. Natura – $2.26 Billion
  10. Tupperware – $2.21 Billion
  11. Nu Skin – $2.208 Billion
  12. Primerica – $1.52 Billion
  13. Joy Main – $1.49 Billion
  14. Jeunesse – $1.41 Billion
  15. Oriflame – $1.4 Billion
  16. Ambit Energy – $1.2 Billion
  17. New Era – $1.16 Billion
  18. Telecom Plus – $1.12 Billion
  19. Belcorp – $1.09 Billion
  20. USANA – $1.01 Billion
  21. Pola – $1.004 Billion
  22. Young Living – $1 Billion
  23. Sun Hope – $940 Million
  24. DXN – $927.0 Million
  25. WorldVentures – $926.6 Million

Insights on MLM Companies

1. What is the best way to word how you don’t like MLM companies?

  • Disadvantages of MLM
  • At least 90% or more representatives take their leave in less than five years.
  • They have low success rates that do not qualify for loans or other small funding programs.
  • Income rates in MLM companies are relatively lower.
  • On average, very few people are likely to have profited after subtracting expenses, and almost all individuals involved with an MLM lose money.
  • Scammers can easily use most MLM companies.

2. Which MLM companies offer the best sales training?

  • Almost all the top-earning companies train their salesperson well.

3. Which product/service category made the highest growth revenue?

  • Cryptocurrency showed a higher growth revenue of 88% among the product/service categories.

4. What are the best MLM companies for health wellness?

  • The Top 10 companies are :
  1. Watchers
  2. Shaklee
  3. Neolife
  4. Juice Plus
  5. Herbalife
  6. Amway
  7. Forever Living
  8. DXN
  9. Isagenix

No one can forbid you from selecting your choice of life goal. If you wish to go for something, you should. Although the air around MLM companies is foggy and uncertain, not every MLM company on the planet is a bad start to a career. Any job opportunity requires hardwood and passion, and if you are ready to give it your all, then an MLM company might not be that bad for you.

But before taking the plunge, it is recommended to you that you should do your research correctly. Go for a profitable and known company rather than a localized one, make sure you know the market regarding the market, and have the qualities of a successful MLM recruiter.


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