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Advice To Businesses Using WordPress Who Are Worried About Security


I have this client who I affectionately call “The WordPress Worry Wart.”


Because this guy’s entire business, product line, brand, and web presence are wrapped up in his WordPress website. All of which was well and good at first five years ago. But the bigger he gets, the more he relies on it all working, and the more his income is tied up into the software, the more vulnerable he feels, and the more at risk his business is from being obliterated by a jealous hater or hacker, and the more he worries about it.

Can’t say as I blame him for the worrying part, though. I think WordPress is a huge advantage for online marketers. Its simplicity is unmatched. And I’ve used it myself for years and still do in some ventures. But it’s also riddled with security problems, mainly because it’s the #1 platform most targeted by hackers. Not a big deal if you’re a mommy blogger doing it for fun.

But if your entire business is bound by blood to WordPress?

It’s a problem. And the reason it’s a problem is because of all the security “holes” it has, and that constantly have to be plugged in and fixed. And my client is (rightfully so!) afraid because he goes in and updates it, and suddenly his server crashes.


He’s had that happen numerous times where. He updated a plugin, and the whole thing came crashing down. This is nothing against WordPress; it’s just the nature of software. I saw it happen when I did my time as a Nuclear Engineer for the NavyandI ran a $12 million budget working for Encyclopedia Brittanica as a software developer.

And so there’s just this anxiety he has about WordPress. It’s supposed to be simple, and it is. But when it comes to running an ever-growing and ever-expanding business with multiple plugins and security patches, it doesn’t always work together in perfect harmony.

The solution?

Mobile apps.

Mobile apps are Web 3.0, in my opinion. They make consuming content ridiculously easy since everyone has their phones with them all the time, everywhere they go. And in five to ten years, businesses will have some app if they want to stay competitive. They have very few – if any – of the security problems web-based content management platforms have.

And whether someone likes it or not, the statistics don’t lie. The most recent stats show that the average person touches their mobile phone 2,617 times daily. They are always within 3 feet of their phones, even when eating, driving, traveling, exercising, dressing, shopping, waiting for appointments, sleeping, or in the bathroom. That’s why 70%+ of digital content is consumed on the phone. And 92% of the time, people are on their phones in a mobile app.

That means that is where your customers are. It doesn’t mean using WordPress or an HTML website for some of your business’s needs. But when it comes to content consumption, why not go where they are already going, and do it in a way that is protected from the hackers always trying to bring good businesses down?

The evil forces that attack WordPress and other popular content management platforms aren’t a problem when a mobile app is set up & maintained correctly. And while it costs tens of thousands of dollars to develop and maintain a mobile app, my Learnistic software lets your business have your mobile app for less than your monthly cable bill. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/10399601


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