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‘Once we realized that he’s not made of porcelain, it just got a lot simpler’


Jason Derulo talks about travel and being a new dad. (Photo: Getty Images; designed by Quinn Lemmers) Welcome to So Mini Ways, Yahoo Life’s parenting series on the joys and challenges of child-rearing.

It’s been only two months since Jason Derulo became a dad, welcoming a son, Jason King, with his girlfriend, Jena Frumes, on May 8. Since then, the “Wiggle” singer has been immersed in late nights and dirty diapers — a messy experience lampooned in his new campaign for the #HotwireHotelGoals challenge, in which Derulo will help judge which TikToker’s entry deserves a luxury vacation worth $50,000. The new father opens up about his go-to getaway, singing to his son and why he decided to have a junior.

How are you feeling?

The newborn stage can be pretty intense. It’s been awesome. You hear about all the horrors, but they don’t tell you about all the good stuff. It’s an amazing experience. I have been waking up every few hours most nights, and Jena has been an absolute superhero. I’m fortunate in that department. Sometimes I don’t know how she’s doing it, but she’s the ringleader in this whole thing.

His name is Jason King. Why King?

I thought I would always name my son King first, but I decided to name him after me. He’s the carrier of my last name because my sister has a girl, and my brother has a little girl. I thought it was good for him to be a junior.


Are you a hands-on dad?

I’m hands-on [laughs]. Jena is the one doing the majority of it. But yeah, I’ve changed some diapers. If she needs something, I’ll be her assistant. I’m like her sous chef.

The two of you probably need a getaway right now, but you’re working with Hotwire’s TikTok challenge to give someone a lavish trip. What’s your ideal getaway — is there a place you’re excited to take your son when things open up?

The one place I feel like is getaway and really serene and still has things to do in Bali. That would be a place [where] I’d want to bring family, relax, and chill out. But yeah, the partnership with Hotwire is inspiring because it’s been a tough year for everybody, and we’ve all been cooped up.

So everybody wants to get out and do something fun. Have a getaway, have a vacation. This partnership is right in time to give someone the vacation of a lifetime: a $50,000 trip, private jet, the location of your choice, and all you’ve got to do is give us the reason why you need that getaway. Speaking of TikTok, there are a lot of parenting influencers on there.

Are you following any parenting advice?

No [laughs]. If I’m taking parenting advice from TikTok, I’ve got a lot of problems, first off. You’ll be surprised what you learn from TikTok, but that’s not where I’m going to raise my son. But you know, it’s all been a learning experience. I remember leaving the hospital and was like, “Damn, that’s it? No pamphlet? Nothing? Is he ours? What do we do?” [laughs] But once we realized he’s not made of porcelain, it just got much simpler.

Do you sing to him at all? Do you have a favorite lullaby?

Yeah, I do sing to him, usually like jazz hymns. I considered making a kiddie project for him and then seeing if he wants that.

Finally, what are you looking forward to most about the years ahead of having a son?

I’m looking forward to seeing what his interests are. I’m looking forward to seeing who he becomes. You can guide someone as much as you can as a parent, but they will always be their person. So I’m just really excited to see the person that he becomes. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.


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